Packwoods 2 Gram HHC Hemp Blunts (10ct Display)

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* Packwoods HHC Blunts:
Sour Diesel
Blue Slurpie
Miami Haze
Ice Cream
Assorted Box
Unicorne Sherbert
Tropicana Cookies
Brooklyn Cheesecake


Packwoods 2 Gram HHC Hemp Infused Blunts (Pre-Rolls)

Available in 10ct Countertop Display containing the following 10 Flavors:

Each pack contains 10 premium 2.25-gram hand-rolled blunts. Each has a 100% tobacco-free wrap with an engineered glass filter for a consistently smooth draw. Premium HHC infused flower is dusted with strain-specific kief with dry-sifted trichomes.

 - Blue Slurpie   
 - Brooklyn Cheesecake   
 - Gelato Freeze   
 - Gushers   
 - Ice Cream Cake   
 - Kobe OG   
 - Miami Haze   
 - Sour Diesel   
 - Tropicana Cookies   
 - Unicorn Sherbert

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